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December 1st, 1997

SUBJECT: Santa Knows SignWriting!

This is an alert!

Santa is one cool dude! He has just been seen entering the SignWriting Web Site on a red skateboard!

Santa then proceeded to read the new "Special Feature" I just posted ...

Lessons In SignWriting
Lesson Three: Contact Symbols

Yeah...he wondered where the Deaf Issues Article was! After all...that WAS the article scheduled to be posted today...that WAS what we had promised..right?!!

Ahhh..but Santa knows that his little helpers were just too busy with Thanksgiving and all that "other work" to finish the Deaf Issues Article in time :-(( sob!

So Deaf Issues will be posted on December 15th instead :-))

But no matter...NOW Santa knows his Contact Symbols and can take his Christmas exams - ha!

AND...Santa got so enthused that he decided to give everyone videotapes for half price!!

ENJOY :-))

PS. Valerie hopes all Americans had a great Thanksgiving (and so does Santa ;-)

Much love -

Valerie :-)