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November 23, 1997

SUBJECT: Your Suggestions

In regards to the survey...

Some of you wrote comments and suggestions for future postings. Here is a
summary of your comments:

Suggestion 1:
I think that we need to have a space to write in SignWriting, to
communicate with each other.

Suggestion 2:
An ABC story written in SignWriting.

Suggestion 3:
I'd like to see more on writing and using SignWriting than talking about it.
Also research info and results of it in actual use in programs.

Suggestion 4:
I like the SignWriting lessons -- keep making up more please!

Suggestion 5:
I'm interested to hear from many Deaf writers - more authors from the Deaf Community.

Suggestion 6:
Topics that deal with linguistic research.

Suggestion 7:
It would be useful to have something outlining where and by whom
SignWriting is now being used, so that we can point to it as a system that has been accepted by Deaf people themselves for their own use, and used successfully.

Thank you everyone for these great suggestions!

I will definitely use them to plan future articles :-)



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