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November 23, 1997

SUBJECT: SignWriting Survey Results

Hello Everyone!

Thank you for your responses to our web survey. 29 people responded :-)

Here is our schedule, based on the survey results:

1. Deaf Opinions on SignWriting, Part One
Posted on Web: Monday, November 17th, 1997

2. "Deaf Issues" Article One, written in ASL by a Deaf author
Post Date: Monday, December 1st, 1997

3. SignWriting Lesson Three: Contact Symbols
Post Date: Monday, December 15th, 1997

4. History Article: "How SignWriting Has Changed, 1974-1997"
Post Date: Monday, January 5th, 1998

5. ASL Picture Dictionary written in SignWriting, Part Two
Post Date: Monday, January 19th, 1998

6. Cinderella in ASL, Part Two
Post Date: Monday, February 2nd, 1998

I hope all of the above will be of interest and useful to you :-)

Have a great Sunday -



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