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November 18, 1997

SUBJECT: Future of the SignWriting Email List

Good Morning Everyone!

I awoke to a stream of messages telling me that you did receive my last
message. Many thanks to all of you for informing me :-)

It is not necessary for others to inform me now, since our Internet Service
Provider has received enough feedback. Thanks for your trouble :-)

It seems that some of you received the message three times, some received
it twice, and others only once. It was sporadic and a matter of luck as to
who received what. If any of you have any trouble in the future, please
tell me.

BUT - there has been a good side to all of this. I learned that many of you
truly are interested and most definitely want the messages from the
SignWriting Email List. That is good to know :-)

THEREFORE - I want to inform you of two things...

This is not available yet, but will be. One of the list members was kind enough to donate some software to us that will make it possible for you to post messages to the list from our SignWritingSite. I have not read the documentation yet, so I have not implemented this feature yet. Do you want this? I will be happy to make it a part of our SignWritingSite if you think it will be useful.

This is not available yet, but I am researching LISTSERVE software, to turn our Email List into a regular kind of Internet Mailing List where you can post directly to the List without going through me. That will be better for everyone of course. The reason I did not do this immediately was that I did not know if there was enough interest to warrant the expense, but I have several messages now to post to the List, so there seems to be interest. So in time I believe we will have a SIGNWRITING-L.

At the moment, continue to send your messages to me to post for you. I will
be happy to do so :-)

Thanks again, everyone, for all of your help -



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