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To: SignWriting.Email.List
From: Ronice Quadros
Reply To:
Date: October 24,1997

SUBJECT: Literacy In SignWriting

Hello Valerie Sutton and others from DAC!

I am from Brazil, but I am living in USA by now. I would like to put my email adress from here, because I have interesting to know about sign writing and, specially, about literacy in signwriting. My intuition tells me that literacy in signwriting will help a lot of the acquisition of writing by deaf people. Please, if you know who is working with this let me know.

I am native signer, but I am hering person and I am learning to write signwriting. Signwriting has been useful to me because I am doing reserch about Brazilian Sign Language in syntax and I think that is much easier to write the examples from this language in signwriting than to write in any other system. Moreover, I like to write things that I think in sign language through signwriting.

I am so glad to be with you for signwriting improvement!

Ronice M. Quadros


Delamar Weber and Ronice Quadros
Address: 115 Courtyard Lane
Storrs - CT 06268-2285 USA
Phone: (860) 429-1709


Date: Fri, 24 Oct 1997 17:16:02 -0400
From: Delamar Weber e Ronice M Quadros <>
Subject: About my last message

Hello Valerie!
Thank you for the friendly message that you sent me about my last message. I will be very happy to share it with the SignWriting Email list. I am working with Dr. Diana Lillo-Martin and I hope to be here at least until august 98. However, I cannot go to the Conference in CA, maybe I can go in the next one. I will really appreciate to know you and learn with you.

Much love, Ronice


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