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From: Roberta Sherrill
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Date: October 18,1997

SUBJECT: Assessing Student's Skills

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Date: Fri, 17 Oct 1997 11:30:22 -0500
From: Roberta Sherrill <>
Subject: post to SW list

comment from interested party and friend of founder, Valerie Sutton:

While I have not yet learned the actual practical application of signwriting, I am very interested in the dissemination of the language to the community at large in relation to those whom it was designed to serve. I am also interested in story telling and teaching and I am pleased to be able to, in some small measure, participate in in the educational process on-line this way.

I especially feel that Alice Rose's explanation of her story-telling process was right on. I am so excited for those students and teachers who catch on fire to the expansion of knowledge and creativity through signwriting.

God bless Valerie and all the rest of you.

Keep up the good work and know that I, for one of many I am sure, watch and pray for continued progress. You are all so incredible.

Roberta J. Sherrill
Peaceful Alternatives Mediation Service
Long Beach, California


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