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To: SignWriting.Email.List
From: Valerie Sutton
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Date: October 14,1997

SUBJECT: Assessing Student's Skills

Hello SignWriting List Members -

Recently I have received some email about the question of "How to Test Children When Learning SignWriting?" In other words, educators are searching for a way to "assess and measure" a student's progress.

Some of the questions raised have been:

1. Was it harder to learn to read or to write?

2. How would you rate each symbol? Which ones are harder? Which ones are easier?

3. Did you teach the symbols in any particular order?

4. Were the results the same for children and adults? If not, what were the differences?

5. Were the students positive or negative about the experience of writing signs?

6. Did the students learn signs from writing them? Did they remember the signs better?

7. Did the students learn to read and write a spoken language better because they learned SignWriting? In other words, did it improve English or Spanish reading skills?

Valerie Sutton


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