ICED 2005 Conference
Presentations on SignWriting

Photo: Ingvild Roald from Norway (sitting). Masahiko Suto from Japan (standing).

Private lesson in sign names of Japanese Cities.

Instructor: Mr Masahiko Suto.
Participants in the course: Ingvild from Norway
and (behind the camera...Stefan from Germany)
Where: Conference at Maastricht 2005
When: July 18h 16:45

And here is the question:
Who can identify and write in SW the performed sign name – ?
(You have to add movement arrows !)

What is your association – the reason for this performance of the sign name?

Stefan ;-)

For more information about
SignWriting Presentations at
the ICED Conference 2005,
in Maastricht, Netherlands,
write to:

Stefan Woehrmann

Osnabruck School for the Deaf, Germany


Kathleen Heylen and Sara Geudens

Kasterlinden School for the Deaf
Dilbeekstraat 1, 1082, Sint-Agatha-Berchem, Belgium


For more information about the
European SignWriting Organization (ESWO)
write to:

Ingvild Roald, Norway
Shane Gilchrist Ó hEorpa, Northern Ireland

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Photo by Stefan Woehrmann


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