Well, I envision that in the future it will reach its highest potential indeed. SignWriting will experience tremendous growth and popularity in its usage. Just like for the hearing peoples in England and in France, both populations have very strong and powerful organizations because in France, they have the spoken French, and they have the dictionaries for the written French, and the literature etc. And in England they have the same thing for the same reasons. So in my opinion I foresee that the same powerful growth will happen for the Deaf worldwide through the popularity and use of SignWriting.

Read a message from the
Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia about
Abdul Aziz Al-Obaid

The above was signed in ASL by Denny Voreck
and Abdul Aziz Al-Obaid in 1995
on the video entitled
Deaf Perspectives on SignWriting, Video 2.

The English text is a word-for-word transcription of the English voice-over on the video, by interpreter Pasch McCombs.