Chapters on Technology & Deafness
The first chapter on technology and
Deafness provides full explanation about benefits and problems of cochlear implants. The second chapter describes a multimedia system that uses Brazilian Sign Language animated signs and digitized speech to allow telecommunication, face to face communication between Deaf and hearing, and communication by quadriplegic Deaf patients suffering from cerebral-palsy or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. The third chapter describes a computerized system for cheremic (i.e., hand-shape) indexing and search of Brazilian Sign Language that allows the Deaf to locate the signs of this dictionary without depending on Portuguese glosses, and to have easy access to the signs of the communication system without depending on semantic indexing. contact the editor & publisher.... more...



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ISBN: 85-314-0600-5
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ISBN: 85-314-0603-X


The Brazilian Sign Language Dictionary
A Two-Volume Encyclopedia
on Brazilian Sign Language

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