What is SignWriting?


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Now you can learn SignWriting through email!

The inventor of SignWriting, Valerie Sutton, shares free "SignWriting E-Lessons", sent to members of the SignWriting List. All members are welcome to post technical questions, and Valerie will answer the questions for everyone's benefit.

List members also receive other information about SignWriting, like announcements of new publications and web postings.

All of the messages are archived in the SignWriting List Archives on the web....so you can read previous messages and lessons.

The SignWriting List accepts attached files. This makes it possible to send email messages written in Sign Language in SignWriting. Messages are usually written in English, with attached .GIF files illustrating written signs.

To join the SignWriting List....Go to:

SignWriting List Forum

And follow the instructions on how to join...


Write to us and we will be glad to do it for you :-)

Thanks for writing -

Deaf Action Committee For SignWriting

PS. We all look forward to hearing from you :-)

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What is SignWriting?




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