Introduction on
Deafness, Sign Language & SignWriting

 Is Sign Language International?

How Many Sign Languages Are There?

 What is SignWriting?

Why Write Sign Language?

Is SignWriting a New Language?

Is SignWriting Free To Use?
Yes! Questions & Answers About Trademarks

How Can I Learn SignWriting?
Different Choices Plus Workshop Descriptions

Can SignWriting Be Written By Hand?
Six-page article with illustrations.

Why Was SignWriting Invented?
A message from Valerie Sutton...

How Is The
SignWriter Newsletter Prepared?

Two-page article with illustrations.

What is the difference between
SignWriting and English Glosses?

Do the two systems have the same purpose?

Won't SignWriting Take Time From
Learning To Read & Write English?
One More Thing To Learn!
14 Can I Publish Using SignWriting?
Yes! Here are the details...
15 What is the SignWriting Literacy Project?
16 What Do Teachers Say?
Teacher at the Oregon School For The Deaf
17 What Do Teachers Say?
Private Tutor of Deaf Students, Ontario, Canada
18 What Do Teachers Say?
Teacher at the Caldwell Elementary School,
Hearing Impaired Program, Wichita, Kansas
19 A Teacher's Classroom Experiences
Teaching young Deaf children to read and write...
20 How Quickly Do Deaf Children
Learn To Read SignWriting?
21  How Do You Translate Into SignWriting?
22 Can the SignWriter Computer Program
Be Used on the Macintosh?

Yes! Questions & Answers About Typing Signs
23 How Are SignWriting Symbols Invented?
The inventor discusses the creative process
of developing symbols used around the world...
24 Is SignWriting & DanceWriting Blending?
....about the entire movement writing system....
25 Why Has SignWriting Been Controversial?
....discussing issues that surround new ideas.....
26 SignWriting Terminology
....discussing the different terms used.....
27 Physical versus Cultural Deafness
....different languages mold different cultures.....
28  What was published in the 1970's?
....SignWriting papers & books 1974-1980.....
 How did you invent DanceWriting?
....SignWriting papers & books 1974-1980.....

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